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Sticky Header Widget

Sticky Fixed Header Widget

Fixed Header

This widget sticks the header - and its contents - to the top of the browser so that they always remain in view.
This has the advantage of always having the the navigation menu on hand without the visitor needing to scroll to get to it.
Another good thing about this is that the website name and logo can be seen at all times and the visitor is less likely to forget it!
Since the header, the <h1> HTML Heading and navigation should be the same for every page of the site, they can be set up on a master or a template page.
The header should be installed first - before any other content such as website name, logo etc.

Widget Settings

Sticky Fixed Header Widget Settings
Sticky Header

Widget Settings

Open the Page inspector and set the header area to the desired height.
Drag the widget onto the page and then command drag it into the header area on the EverWeb design canvas
The widget's default size is 800px wide by 100px high. 800px is the recommended maximum page width for a website which is to be viewed on tablets as well as computers without impairing readability. Any wider than this and the content will be way too small and difficult to read.
100px is about as high as the header should be without taking up too much room when the page is viewed on a laptop.
Choose the colors and set the angle if a color gradient is required. Otherwise set both colors the same.

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