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Internal Anchor
Inernal Anchor Link

Link To An Anchor On Another Page

Unlike the widgets to create Smooth Scrolling Anchors these ones create a link to an anchor on another page of the website.
The widget has the option of creating either a text or an image hyperlink.

Widget Settings

Anchor Link widget
Anchor Link

Page to page anchor

Click the icon to go to the bottom of the page introducing the HTML5 elements.


Check the box to select either an image or a text hyperlink.
For an image link, select the image and enter alt text for SEO.
For a text link, enter the pre link text, link text and any post link text in the appropriate boxes.
Choose the font family, size and color.
Choose the link color and text decoration style. The choices are none, underline and line-through.
Enter the relative path to the page with the anchor.
Enter a name for the anchor ID. This will be the same as the name entered into the anchor widget.


Drag the anchor widget onto the page that was linked to. It appears as a small empty square.
Enter the same anchor ID that was applied to the link.
Drag the widget to the required position on the target page.
NOTE: When the link is clicked, the anchor point will appear at the bottom of the target page.
Adjust the position of the anchor to open the page at the required point.


Anchor with same ID as the corresponding link.
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