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Mobile Website Click To Drop Down Navigation

Click To Drop Down Navigation Widget

Single Level Drop Down Navigation Menu

This single level, click to drop - click to close, navigation can be used for mobile devices which don't have the hover function.
Several of them can be used to create a two level nav for larger sites where each one is the navigation for a directory as shown below. One navigation block will close when another is opened.
The navigation can have between three and twelve links which should cover most situations. It can be used in many different situations where a compact list of links is needed.

Widget Settings

The widget settings are shown to the right. Select the required web safe font family and set its size, color, vertical padding and background color for the navigation heading or directory name.
NOTE: The padding should be increased for use on mobile devices to give a large enough target for fingertips.
Set the font color, background color and separator color for the drop down section.
Enter the navigation heading text in the first box.
Use the "Link to:" control to select the required page file.
NOTE: The first three items are obligatory. Subsequent items are added as required and the box checked to display them.
Before publishing the page, select the navigation blocks and bring them to the front using the Arrange menu.
Navigation blocks can be stacked vertically. In this case, the lower ones should be brought to the front before the ones above it so that they will all have the correct z-index.

Widget Settings

click drop mobile navigation menu widget
Click Drop Navigation

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