EverWeb Widgets HTML5

Navigation Widgets

These EverWeb widgets use the HTML5 <nav> element to create various types of navigation menus for semantically structured websites.

Other widgets include anchors for jumping to a point on another page, CTA button links for traditional & mobile websites and a "Go Back" to the previously opened page button.

NOTE: Do NOT use JOTFORM with these widgets!

Single level vertical navigation menu with custom styles.

Vertical Navigation Widget

Simple mobile website navigation menu with full width finger sized navigation blocks.

Mobile Navigation Widget
Click To Drop Down Navigation Widget
Breadcrumbs Navigation Trail Widget

A breadcrumbs navigation to help visitors know where they are on the website.

Click to open/close navigation. Use several to create a two level mobile website nav.

A simple horizontal navigation for sub sites and directories.

Click the icon to open/close this mobile website navigation drop down.

Horizontal Navigation Widget
Click Drop Icon Navigation Widget

Create a link to a point on another page of the website.

Create the anchor for a link to a point on another page of the site.

Internal Anchor
Inernal Anchor Link
Click To Slide Out Navigation Menu

Click to slide out/in navigation suitable for mobile websites. The nav sticks to the side of the browser window.

Menu Icon Navigation Widget

A variation of the Icon Nav widget using a more explicit button style and a choice of navigation arrow types.

Click To Drop External Links

A variation of the Click Drop to link to external pages or files with the option to open in a new window.

For navigation widgets with Icons, see the ICONS section.

Sticky Tab Navigation Widget

Tab navigation sticks in position as the page is scrolled.

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The widgets on this site are not compatible with HTTPS Secure websites.
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