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Sticky Tab Navigation

Sticky Tab Navigation Widget
sticky tab navigation widget
sticky tab nav

Fixed Position Navigation

This widget creates a horizontal navigation menu which sticks in position as the page is scrolled.
The navigation blocks can be spaced out to create tabs whose top and bottom corners can be rounded separately if required.
The navigation can accomodate between three and twelve links.

Wdget Settings

Set the font family, size color and hover color.
Set the navigation tabs background and background hover colors.
Adjust the spacing between the blocks.
Set the top/bottom and left/right padding.
Set the top and/or bottom corner radius if required.
Enter the text for the first three items and choose the "Link to:" page for each one.
Add more items as required and check the boxes to display them.
Drag the navigation into the required position on the page.
Open the Metrics inspector and note the value for position Y.
Enter this value into the box for "Top".
Check the box to fix the navigation and bring it to the front using the Arrange menu prior to publishing the page.
NOTE that the navigation will disappear when the box is checked.

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