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Vertical Navigation Menu

Vertical Navigation Widget

Single Level - Custom Styles

This widget creates a vertical navigation which can be used as the main navigation on smaller websites.
It can also be used as a sub navigation for the pages of a directoriy in combination with a single level horizontal navigation which navigates the directories or sub sites.

Widget Settings

single level vertical navigation menu widget
Vertical Navigation


Set the font family, size, color and hover color.
Set the background color and hover background.
Increase/decrease the navigation blocks height by adjusting the value for padding.
If the navigation is to be used on a mobile website, set the padding to at least 7px to give a large enough target for fingertips.
Set the navigation block separator color and height. Set the corner radius if required.
Enter the link text and select the "Link to:" page.
As items are added, check the box to display them.
The widget can accommodate up to twelve list items. Add another widget if more are required.
The first three items are displayed by default and any additional ones need to have their Display box checked.

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