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Inserting Animated GIFS

Inserting a GIF Using HTML

When inserting an animated GIF into EverWeb using drag and drop the animation is lost. One method is to use the image code shown on THIS page. This has the added advantage of allowing the insertion of Alt Text for SEO.

Image Insert Widget

There are some widgets to make this task a lot easier.

Those on THIS page will insert the GIF with alt text for SEO and the second one has the option of adding title text and a hyperlink.

Using the one shown on THIS page, the GIF can then be styled with a border if required and some text added in the Title attribute to provide info in the tooltip on mouseover.

This widget will insert an animated GIF as a hyperlink.

Insert Animated GIF

Image Caption Widget

The image caption widget can also be used as shown below. Alt text and caption can be added and the image can be created as a hyperlink if required. Click the image below to find out more about this widget.

Image Caption Hyper;ink