EverWeb Codebox

EverWeb Codebox

The EverWeb Codebox site was started over four years ago with the intention of helping EverWeb users to create more advanced items using the software's powerful method of code injection.
With the passage of time, most of this information is now outdated and, in most cases, not required due to the presence of around 1000 widgets now available to EverWeb users.


Up to date information about inserting code and using widgets is now available in the Info section of the EverWeb Widgets site.
For those who widh to use code, there are some widgets for inserting it which are a lot easier to use than the EverWeb HTML Snippet widhet code boxes. See Code Insertion & Syntax.
There are also lots of Code Snippets which can be accessed from the EverWeb Widgets Home page.


While all the widgets on this EverWeb Codebox site are still viable, they are not compatible with SSL secure websites. Those who are creating secure sites should go to EverWeb Widgets for a selection of suitable widgets.

New Widgets

The new EverWeb Widgets take advantage of recent additions to the EverWeb Widget API which now has some better controls for creating more advanced items easily.
These updates have made it possible to create better widgets for lists, navigation and media players such as slideshows, image galleries and video.

Hero Layouts

Hero items - which are full width and fixed height - have become essential to modern web designs. Many EverWeb users have attempted to create these by using the Full Width feature but the results are far from satisfactory.
Users are encouraged to check out the large and growing number of Hero widgets which can create wide layouts which are responsive down to the width of a tablet device in portrait mode. This is essential for any full site design which doesn't have a separate version for tablet devices as well as one for mobile phones.

Responsive designs.

While there are new widgets for creating responsive pages, these are more useful for inserting as the last item after blocks of Hero items.
A more practical approach to responsive design is to create a full site which has a responsive header and navigation and will work properly on tablet devices like the iPad.
A fully responsive mobile site can then be created to fill the screens of all sizes of phones no matter what their screen size or orientation is.

Efficiency & Download Speed

Unfortunately, many EverWeb users are still creating inefficient web pages which take too long to download in the browser.
A web page must download in less than 2 seconds and this particularly applies to the Home or Landing page.
Most of these problems arise from too many separate items and images that have not been resized correctly before importing into EverWeb.
EverWeb users are encouraged to read the info about Website Images and to use widgets to insert groups of related items in HTML5 containers.
HTML5 is now firmly established and using its new containers can greatly increase the effectiveness of search engine indexing
Every website will benefit from the use of the Lazy Loading widgets which will ensure much faster download times. Anyone unfamiliar with the concept of lazy loading should check this out!

The End

The code section of this site is now history and the widget sections will soon follow to be replaced by the ones on the new EverWeb Widgets site.
It's time to say farewell to EverWeb Codebox …

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