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If you need to contact EverWeb Codebox, fill out and send the form.

Please make sure you enter your name and a valid email address.

The message should be brief with the bare bones of your inquiry.

When you receive a reply you can expand on this if necessary.

Please don't hold your breath while waiting for a reply as I am just me on my own and I have lots of other stuff to do!

Comments and suggestions are welcome but only the polite and useful ones will receive a reply.

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About The EverWeb Codebox Website

This website was created to help EverWeb users to take their sites to the next level by taking advantage of the application's powerful code injection.

Many of the projects are taken from test pages I build to answer questions in the EverWeb User Forum during the Beta testing phase.

Although the site is built with EverWeb, it is not published by the one click method to the EverWeb server. This is due to the large number of supporting files required by all the different projects. At the time of writing, there is no way to upload files outside of the app. It is also not possible to add folders to the EverWeb Assets panel - only files.

After creating just a few pages, my assets list became so long as to be unmanageable. I therefore had no option but to use my existing hosting service.

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Help & Support Options

First of all, please note that I do NOT work for the developers of EverWeb!

If you have general questions about using EverWeb they are better to be asked in the User Forum so that others may benefit from the answers.

For problems with publishing to the EverWeb server, and other related issues, contact the developers Support department.

To get more info about using EverWeb, check out the Video Tutorials and the Knowledgebase.

See the EverWeb Addons recommended by the developers.


Website by Roddy McKay

If Only There Was More Time...

While I would like to be able to help everybody and answer all their question, in reality I don't have time as I still have to do paid design work to earn a living.

Please keep this in mind when asking for help or support unless you are in a hurry and can afford to pay.

Those who purchase widgets will get support for these if necessary but they really don't take much understanding!

Use the search box at the foot of this page to find info.

Thank you for visiting this site. I hope you learned something useful!

Roddy McKay