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Optimize and FTP

This page has information for those who are publishing their websites to another Hosting Service such as Host Excellence or IXWebHosting.

Publishing to a local folder and then uploading via FTP (File Transfer Protocol) can be a drudge. If you don't know which files have been updated there is no option but to upload all the files and this is time consuming.

Although those publishing to a server other than RageSW don't have the convenience of one click publishing, they gain the advantage of being able to optimize the website files to enable them to download up to twice as fast.


Typical server FTP upload settings are shown to the right...

Server FTP can be the IP Address or:  ftp.domain-name.com

Username is not necessarily the same as the hosting service login username.

The directory path is the path to the root folder. The root folder can be identified by the fact that it contains the website's index.html file.

The actual path will depend on the file setup on the server. Ask your Hosting Service's tech support if you are in doubt.

Server Upload Settings

Both optimization and uploading only the changed files can be handled easily by one application...

WebCrusher offers one-click website optimization which cuts the time it takes for your website to load in the browser. It also reduces the size of image files as well as your web page code.

After the first pass, only the files changed by updates and additions need be selected for optimizing and upload via FTP.

Webcrusher has a really neat preview window so that you can check out the original and optimized versions side by side as well as the file size reduction.

Get WebCrusher HERE

In a lot of cases it's OK to use the optimize app's default settings. However, there are some exceptions.

The developers of website features such as jQuery based slideshows and media players often include both regular and minified versions of the javascript and CSS files. These "min" versions have already been optimized and further attemps to reduce their size can cause them to break.

A case in point is the EverWeb image slider which is based on Galleria. The widget inserts the minified versions of the scripts for better performance in the browser. The javascript files seem to survive further attempts to optimize them but the stylesheet doesn't and the slideshow will break.

When publishing to the EverWeb server, the only option is to prevent WebCrusher from optimizing these files in general by unchecking the boxes next to "Optimize Javascript code" and "Optimize CSS code" in the Optimizations tab in preferences.

Hopefully, the application will be updated to include some method of excluding minified files.

When publishing to another server, all these scripts can be optimized and uploaded and then the non optimized minified versions can be uploaded via FTP to overwrite those that may be broken.

When creating projects such as jQuery based sliders using code entry, the non minified versions of the scripts can be used if the website files are going to be processed through an app such as WebCrusher before upload to the server.

Optimizer Settings

FTP Account Info