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SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Web Page & Website Optimization

Search Engine Optimization should start the minute the website is first created and not be considered an afterthought once the site is published.

Text content is the most important. It should be interesting and relevant to the rest of the page content.

The Search Engine Crawlers cannot look at photos, listen to music or watch movies. All media content MUST have a text description via alt text, title attributes, captions, meta data and descriptive paragraphs.

Key words should be used in descending order of importance in...

Page file name

Page Title box in the Page inspector

Page name in the <h2> heading and the navigation

<h3> section headings

<h4> paragraph headings

The paragraphs and <img> tags

See this page for info about HTML headings and this one for using <img> tags.


A typical search result via Google has a heading, the page URL and some descriptive text.

The heading is derived from the text entered into the Web Page Title box in Page inspector and the content from the text entered into the Web Page Description box.

Create and Upload a Sitemap.xml

A sitemap gives the search engine spiders a list of the pages to crawl. The sitemap uses the .xml file extension. You can create one fror free HERE.

The sitemap is uploaded to the root folder on the server. Create and upload a new sitemap very time the website is updated - especially when new pages are added. Notify Google and any other search engine every time!

This tiresome task is made easy by using Rage Software's Sitemap Automator.

The application will create the sitemap.xml, upload it to the server and notify Google, Yahoo and Bing - all with a few button clicks.

Sitemap Automator's ability to track down broken links makes it worth its weight in gold and will save hours of seaching through web pages.

How to get an EverWeb Site into Google

Once your website has been uploaded to the server, the next step is to help us all find it by entering it into Google.

These are the steps...

[1] Create a new GMAIL address for your website.

[2] Sign in to Google Webmaster Tools.

[3] Click the "Add A Site" button and add the website.

[4] Follow the instructions for verification by choosing either an HTML Verification file or Adding a Meta Tag to your site's Home page. The Meta Tag should be pasted into the Head Code box in the Page inspector for the Home page. Then republish the page to the server.

[5] After the site is verified, click continue and then click the Sitemaps button.

[6] Click the ADD/TEST Sitemap button.

[7] Enter "sitemap.xml" into the box and then click the Submit Sitemap button.

[8] Return to this same Webmasters Tools/Crawl/Sitemap page after a few days to make sure the site has been crawled.

Get SiteMap Automator HERE

Sitemap Automator