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Third Party Software To Use With EverWeb

Although EverWeb covers most of the bases for creating and uploading a website, there are a few apps that will help along the way.

The applications mentioned on this page will make tasks like code editing, optimizing, FTP, creating a sitemap.xml and tracking down broken links go a lot faster and easier.

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Sitemap Automator

A sitemap is essential to give the search engine spiders a list of the pages of the website to crawl and index. Sitemap Automator by Rage Software will create the sitemap, set priorities, upload and test the sitemap.xml file and enter it into the search engines - all with a few button clicks.

The application's ability to check for, and find, broken links is a big bonus and can save hours of work tracking them down.


WebCrusher's main task is to optimize the website files for faster download and this can result in your pages  loading up to twice as fast in the browser.

After optimizing the files, this software will then upload the them via FTP.

After the first pass, new pages and updates can be processed and transfered to the server without having to upload the whole site again. A huge time saver!


EverWeb's code injection is a very powerful feature for creating design elements that otherwise wouldn't be possible with a drag and drop stye editor.

Code can be edited in Text Edit.app but this task is a lot easier done in a proper code editor with instant preview.

WebDesign.app will more than meet all your code editing needs and then some!

Simple CSS

Creating CSS styles can be a confusing task for the beginner. Simple CSS lives up to its name by using a point a click user interface to set up styles from a simple paragraph to a full website layout.

Although it's not updated to CSS3, it will handle all basic styles and it's freeware.

Miro Video Converter

Miro will convert audio and video files to all the popular formats. Use this app to convert MP4 video to WebM and OGG (or OGV). Simple drag and drop and - best of all - it's free!


Snippets is a new code snippet manager - still in Beta - which can help you create, edit and store code snippets.


QR codes are useful for promoting a website in print media. This little app will encode email, url, phone number etc for use on promotional material such as business cards. Free and Pro versions.

Mou Markup Editor

A free code editor with eye catching themes. This compact editor is ideal for getting code together before pasting it into EverWeb.

Yemu Zip

Mac OS X's built-in compress function makes zip files that contains Mac specific information that, when extracted on a PC, looks like garbage. Create PC compatible zip files with this useful freeware...