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Creating a Template Page

After designing your website layout and content using a wireframe or pencil and paper, the next step is to open EverWeb and set up a template that can be duplicated for new pages.

The "template" page will have the bare essentials that are required on every page of the site.

NOTE: A template page is NOT the same as a master page.

Using the Page Layout section of the Page inspector, the basic dimensions for content width and height, header height and footer height are set.

Make the page content height around 900px which is the minimum height that should be used for any web page.

The "standard" width for a tradtional web page design is 980px. Traditional means fixed width rather than a responsive design for mobile devices.

Both the header and footer should have a minimum heigt of 100px. This will give a total minimum web page height of 1100px which is enough to stop page jump in the browser when transitioning from a short page to a long one.

Page jump is a nasty phenomenon which is irritating to the visitor. To illustrate this, create two pages - one with a content height of 500px and the other 1200px. Publish to a local folder, launch in the browser and switch from one to the other.

Page Dimensions


Header and footer content are discussed on the Previous page. Their content should remain constant for every page of the site unless there is a very good reason not to!

Default HTML headings need to be set up. This is dealt with in the Headings Page.

The h1 heading will be used in the header so the content area should have one each of h2, h3 and h4.

A default text box should be inserted with some text using the default font, size and color.  

Set the various spacings using the text inspector. Typical values are show in the screenshot to the left.

Uncheck the box next to "Include page in the navigation menu" in the Page inspector so that the template can be kept in the project file without being seen on the published site.


If the website has been planned properly, the need for and number of directories will be apparent. A master directory can be created and the finer points of this task are covered in the Directories page

Do It Right!

It's worth spending a fair amount of time getting the page template just right. It will enable the task of completing the website to go much faster.

Text Inspector Settings