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Data Mining

OK, you've done your thing with SEO to make your website easily found by the search engines but, how do you encourage your visitors to come back again?

Popular websites are regularly updated with new material and the best way to let people know about this is via bulk emailing in the form of a newsletter or promotional flier. To do this successfully requires some means of persuading visitors to part with their name and email address so that they can be added to a database.

One good way is to offer free downloads. These can be anything that relates to your website content such as informative PDFs, catalogues, free samples, images, songs, movies and so on...

See this page for an example of the data mining process.

ZIP Files

So that the download process is as easy as possible, the files should be uploaded to the server as a ZIP. While it is possible to create a zip by selecting the file and then choosing "Compress" from the Finder File menu, this is not very friendly for those who are using Windows computers. Yemu Zip is freeware and quickly creates a PC compatible zip of any file type.

File Upload

If the site is being published to the EverWeb server the ZIP file should be dragged into the EverWeb Assets column. Create an image or text hyperlink, select it and use the Hyperlinks inspector to "Enable as Hyperlink". Then choose "Link to:A file", click the "Choose" button and select the file from the drop down window.

When publishing to a server other than the EverWeb one, the file should be uploaded in a folder to the root folder on the server. The root folder is the top level one which contains the index.html file for the site as well as all the other folders.

If the folder is named "file-download" and the file is "my-PDF.zip" then the path to the file is...


Obviously, the real domain name has to be used instead of www.your-domain-name.com

Create an image or text hyperlink, select it and use the Hyperlinks inspector to "Enable as Hyperlink". Select "Link to: An External Page and then enter the URL to the file in the box.

File Download Example

Two examples of download links are shown below.

The first one uses the mobile website version of the Audio Player Widget to play a track and has another button to download it. Like the audio player Play/Pause button, the download button is created using CSS and HTML rather than use a speed sucking image. The ZIP of the audio file is dragged into Assets and control clicked to get the relative path.

Cosmic Traveler by Roddy McKay - Click the arrow to download...

<div class="download-arrow"><a href="{!-ASSETSPATH-!}External%20Files/audio-file.zip"></a></div>


The example to the right uses the Image Caption Link Widget to insert a captioned image with a download link and some alt text for SEO. This is a far better way than using the Hyperlinks inspector to create the link since the spiders will find the alt text for the download file and index it.

In this case the ZIP of a PDF was uploaded to a folder on the server and an absolute URL used to link to it.

Open Link in new window File Download