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Banner Slideshow

Sometimes, all that's need is a simple slideshow or banner and using the EverWeb default slider would be like using a 7 pound hammer to insert a thumb tack. The one below has been set to auto mode.

Banner Slideshow Widget
Banner Slideshow Widget
Manual Autoplay
Custom pager dots show/hide
Swipe on mobile devices

The pager dots let the visitor know where they are in the slide sequence and are used for navigation in manual mode.

When the website is viewed on a tablet device like the iPad, the slides can be swiped.

The widget settings are shown to the right. As ever, it's better to optimize the images and give them web safe file names before dragging them into the EverWeb Assets List. See THIS page for more info.

The slide time is set by entering the time each slide is displayed for in milliseconds. For example, if each slide is to be display for 4 seconds, set the time to 4000. For manual mode, the slide time is set to zero.

Choose the transition type. Fade is less irritating than slide although slide is more appropriate for swiping on a mobile device.

Adjust the transition time as required using the slide control which is calibrated in tenths of a second. The smaller the image size and the faster the transition time, the smoother the transition will be.

Choose the colors for the pager dots and active pager dot or uncheck the box if the pager is not required.

NOTE: This widget requires EverWeb V 1.4

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Banner Slideshow Widget