EverWeb Widgetbox

Basic Widgets

Some basic widgets for those who are just starting out with their first EverWeb website. Click any widget icon for more info.

Text Wrap Widget
HTML Web Safe Heading Widget

Wrap text around an image.

Web safe HTML headings.

Insert an animated GIF with alt text for SEO and a hyperlink if required.

Autoplay Banner/Slider with pages dots.

Animated GIF Insert
Banner Slider WIdget
Auto Pause Slideshow Widget

Banner/Slider with pause on hover.

Manual Slideshow Widget

Manual slider with pager dots and directional arrows.

Website Search WIdget

Website search widget.

MailChimp Sign Up

Style the MailChimp signup form.

Transparent BAckground Widget
Auto Update Copyright Notice
Spin Image Hyperlink
Share Button Widget
Insert iFrame Widget

Create transparent backgrounds for use on full size background images.

Spinning image hyperlink.

Web page copyright info auto updater.

Share via Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest and Email.

Easily insert iframe content into a web page.

New HTML5 Widgets Section

Using HTML5 elements to layout a website results in superior SEO.
The new HTML5 widgets allow the user to create styled objects which make for a cleaner web page layout with content that is easier to find and read.
Find out how HTML5 can improve your website design and search engine results.

Mini HTML Snippet Widget

A smaller version of the HTML snippet for mobile websites and HTML headings.