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HTML Headings

Use h1, h2, h3 and h4 to Improve SEO

Website headings are really important for SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

The spiders place greater importance on h1 than h2, h2 than h3 and so on.

The text content of any heading needs to be chosen carefully and contain keywords that are relevant to the page content. This holds true for your human visitors as well as the crawlers.

This widget will install styled headings without having to use HTML and CSS.

HTML Heading Web Safe Widget
HTML Web Safe Headings

Drag the widget onto the page

Enter the heading text in the box

Select align left, center or right

Choose the heading type

Choose the font family

Enter the font size in pixels

Select the required text color

Choose between normal and italic

Select normal or bold

Using the drag handles, adjust the box so that there is enough height.

When adjusting the box width, allow some extra space. This prevents a text return in some browsers.


The choice of fonts is restricted to the commonly used Web Safe fonts for both OSX and Windows.


Courier New




Times New Roman

Trebuchet MS


Three are excluded simply because their use on a website is not recommended. These are...

Arial Black is just too black and is very hard to read by those with impaired sight. It also has legibility issues for those who suffer from dyslexia.

Comic Sans is comic and should never be used on a website.

Impact is not supported in iOS.

There are two other widgets available for inserting non web safe fonts with a web safe fallback and for inserting Google hosted fonts. Click either icon to get there.

Non Web Safe HTML Heading Fallabck
htML Heading Google Font
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