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MailChimp Style Signup Form Widget

One of the recommended EverWeb add ons is the MailChimp mailing list sign up form. There is an excellent video tutorial on how to set up this form and get the code.

MailChimp is a very quick and convenient way to add a form like this to a website but it has been widely criticised for its lack of style. This widget changes the ball game.

An example of the basic styled form is shown below...

MailChimp Widget

The MailChimp Widget

A screenshot of the widget settings is shown to the right...

The URL/ID from the MailChimp code is copied and pasted into the first box.

The text fields can be individually customized for content and language.

This text can be styled with font family, size and color and the form background color can also be varied.

The submit button can be styled differently with font size, color and background color.

The border around a form is called a fieldset. This can be added by setting a border width.

The fieldset can then be styled with color, border style and corner radius.

The form can be dragged to any width.

The images below illustrate a couple of the many styles that can be achieved...

MailChimp Form Style
Sign Up Form MailChimp
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