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Basic Manual Slideshow Widget

Manual Slideshow Widget

The simplest, and probably the best way to show off some photos of products, services or a recent trip to Disneyland is a basic manual slideshow.

This is a no frills slider which can be navigated using directional arrows and/or pager dots.

The transition timing between slides can be adjust over a reasonable range to give an abrupt or smooth change.

The controls are shown to the right...

As always, the images should be cropped to the actual size that they will appear in the slideshow before dragging them into the Assets List in EverWeb.

Obviously, all the images should be of the same size and aspect ratio.

After dragging the widget onto the design canvas, its width should be set to the width of the images using a drag handle or the metrics inspector.

Select each image file name and add alt text for SEO.

When the images have be chosen from the Assets List and the type of navigation chosen, the slider height can be adjusted to suit the image height if no pager dots are required. Otherwise adjust it to show the dots with a little room to spare at the bottom.

Set the colors for the pager and active pager dots.

See THIS PAGE for info about preparing, sizing and choosing file names for images that are to be inserted into slideshows and galleries.

Navigation & Transition Time

Manual Slideshow Widget
  • Manual Slideshow Widget
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  • manual pager slideshow

Note: This widget requires EverWeb V1.4

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