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Animated Image Hyperlinks

If an object moves when moused over, visitors are more likely to click it - or so we are told by the marketing gurus.

This widget does just that creating image hyperlinks with animation.

Image Spinner


Image Spinning Hyperlink Widget
Image Spinning Widget

The spinner adds some dynamics to hyperlink buttons. Any type of image will do but round PNGs give a smooth effect.

In addition to alt text for SEO there is a text field for adding title info which will appear in tooltip on mouseover.

Enter a relative or absolute URL and check the box if the link is required to open in a new window.

See THIS page for info about relative and absolute URLs.

NOTE: This animation will not work with out of date browsers but the hyperlink will still be operational.

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Share Button

Share To Pinterest Twitter Facebook Google+ & Email

This button will allow your visitors to share your web page by Email or to Facebook, Google+, Pinterest or Twitter.

Click the button to select your sharing method. Click it again to make the selector disappear.

Create the button...

Drag the widget onto the page and enter the URL of the page to be shared and a description if required.

Check the boxes next to the social media sites you want to be enable sharing to.

Enter an absolute file path for an image to appear in Pinterest.

Check the Email box to add this function and enter the email subject, message and URL.

As with all tooltip style widgets, be sure to select the widget and bring it to the front using the Arrange menu before publishing the page.

After publishing the page, test the button to make sure that the tooltip stays within the page content and doesn't expand into the browser background.

The page should be published to the server for sharing to work properly.


When entering text and a URL in the Email Description box, do NOT use the return key. The message and the URL MUST be typed all in one line or the code will break.

Example of how to do it...

Check out this website - http://everwebcodebox.com/widgetbox/

Example of how NOT to do it...

Check out this website...


Share Button Widget
Share Button Widget
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Social Media Share Icon & Link Widgets

There are two widgets for creating share links…
Sticky Social Media Buttons with icons which stick to the browser edge at a fixed distance from the top and can be placed on either side of the browser window.
Share Slideout Links which slideout when the tab is clicked and can be set to open in a new window if necessary.