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Text Wrap

Wrap Text Around An Image Hyperlink

Although text wrap is a technique used in print media, it has its place in magazine style website layouts.

Text Wrap Widget
Text Wrap Widget

This widget allows text to be wrapped around an image.
The image width can be adjusted in relation to the text and the height will adjust automatically.
The image can have alt text for SEO and can also be a hyperlink. It can be aligned left or right in the text box. The text can be styled with a choice of web safe font, color and size.
The widget settings are shown in the screenshot to the right.
Choose the image file from the Assets list.
Enter alt text for SEO.
If the image is required to be a hyperlink, enter a relative or absolute URL.
Select the image alignment and then choose its width in relation to the overall width of the text box.
Paste the text into the Text box in the Widget Settings and choose the font family, size and color.
Obviously, this box is not of sufficient size to enter text comfortably so it's best to type the text in a regular text box and then copy (command C) and paste it (command V) into the widget settings.
Line breaks can be created by using the HTML <br /> Paragraph breaks are created by using two of them like this... <br /><br />
Use &amp; for an ampersand - &
Drag the widget to the required width and then adjust the height to suit the content.

Text Wrap with Image Zoom on Click or on Hover

NOTE: After entering text into the box, make sure the Apply button is clicked before deselecting the widget. Otherwise the changes will be lost.

Also note that, although this widget can be used with EverWeb V 1.3, the text entry box is much larger in EverWeb V 1.4

Get The Widget

Click the button to get the widget...

Two more widgets for text wrap can be found in the Image section of this website.. The wrapped image can be zoomed on click or zoomed on mousever so that a small image can be text wrapped and enlarged to show more detail.

EverWeb WIdget Apply Button

Text Justification

When used in print media, column style layouts with text wrap around images is usually accompanied by justified text to give a neat, ordered appearance to the newspaper or magazine page layout.

Justified text should NEVER be used in web design. Here's why...

When reading large chunks of text, our brain uses the ragged edge of the lines to make it easy to find the next line and not loose the place. People with reading difficulties such as dyslexia cannot follow justified text and, for that reason alone, no self respecting web designer would ever use.