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Transparent Background Using CSS

Sometimes a transparent background is required to make text more visible without losing the effect of the image in the background. This widget creates a transparent background shape which can used for text and other content over a full size browser background image.

The degree of opacity can be adjusted and a colored border added if required. The corners can be rounded too.

Transparent background Widget
Transparency Widget

Auto Copyright Update

This widget conveniently updates the copyright notice in the footer of all the pages of a website automatically every year.

There are two boxes for entering text - one for the text that comes before the present year and the other for any text after it.

The text can be styles with a choice of web safe fonts, size and color as shown to the right.

After creating the © notice, command drag it into the footer. If you are using a Master page, use the widget in its footer.

Create the © by using Option + G

Auto Update Copyright

The transparent background sits on top of the image and a text box is dropped on top of it.

The background has the opacity set to 5 and a border  and rounded corners have been applied.

Transparent Background Widget

Copyright © Roddy McKay 2013 to  All Rights Reserved

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