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Website Search Widget

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Search engine software to search and index a website and then produce the results in a search box costs several thousand dollars to purchase and set up.

This widget uses Google to search instead and costs about 75 cents.

The controls are shown to the right.

Enter the domain name and suffix (.com, .ca, .org etc) into the first box. Do NOT put in http:// and/or www.

Add some alternative display text in the second box if required and select the desired colors.

Obviously, the website has to be entered into Google and indexed by their spiders before this will work! Find out how to do this HERE.

Try the example below to see how it works...

Website Search Widget

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Mini HTML Snippet

Mini HTML Snippet Widget

This widget is a lot more convenient to use for smaller items than the default HTML Snippet widget.

Its much narrower width makes it suitable for using when creating a mobile website.

In the widget settings example to the right it is being used to insert an h3 HTML heading.

Mini HTMLSnippet Widget
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If you need a dedicated site search function there are a number of free services. Most of these contain ads which are undesirable.

Findberry displays a small logo in the free version and has reasonably priced paid options.