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3D Carousel

3D Carousel Slideshow Pager Links

This is a kind of classy carousel with a 3D effect. It runs automatically on page load. As soon as the visitor interacts with it, the mode reverts to manual.

Navigation is by pager dots or clicking the images on either side of the one at center stage.

Each slide can have alt text for SEO and be a hyperlink if required.

The only other variable is the ability to change the carousel background color to suit that of the web page.

The widget settings are just the same as the sliders. It's just a question of using the Choose button to select the images. Then highlight each image file name in turn and enter alt text for SEO in the appropriate box.

If the image is to a hyperlink, enter a relative or absolute filepath into the URL box. See THIS page for info.

Check the box if the hyperlink is required to open in a new window.

NOTE: This carousel is only suitable for images which have an aspect ratio of 4:3. This is the ratio of the width to the height.

Since the images are displayed at at size of 400px x 300px, this is the optimum width and height. Crop or resize the images before importing them into the EverWeb Asset List for the fastest possible page download time in the browser.

The carousel works best with a minimum of seven images and more can be added until there is no more room for the pager dots!  

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