EverWeb Widgetbox

Carousel Widgets

These widgets create various types of carousel. A colorousel is taken to mean that more than one image or thumb is show at any one time.

A 3D image carousel with pager dots and click image selection.

An image scroller with pause on hover, popup captions and hyperlinks.

A captioned slideshow with hyperlinks and a separate thumbnail carousel.

The thumbnail carousel for T slider allows the thumbs to be placed anywhere.

The sliding carousel can be navigated using pager dots and/or control arrows.

A widget for displaying stitched panorama images with finger or mouse swipe navigation.

A versatile slideshow with thumbnail carousel, captions and navigation options.

A scrolling carousel with forward/reverse hotspot variable speed navigation.

A mobile version of Fotorama with captions and swipe navigation.

See THIS page for how to prepare slideshow images and THIS one for how to add them in bulk to the widget.

New HTML5 Widgets Section

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Hot Spot Scrolling Slider alt text
3D Carousel Slideshow Pager Links
Scrolling Carousel Caption Hyperlink Pause on hover
Carousel SLideshow alt text caption links
Carousel Thumbnail Slideshow Caption Links
Sliding Carousel Alt Text Hyperlinks
Panorama Slider Swipe Caption
Slideshow Thumbnail Carousel Caption
Mobile Carousel Pager Captions
Touch Scroller Carousel

A carousel that scrolls using swipe, mouse wheel or grab and drag.

A coverflow style carousel with alt text for SEO optional captions.

A 3D style circular carousel with alt text for SEO and optional  captions in a choice of four positions.

COverflow Carousel
Circular Carousel