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Versatile Slideshow With Thumbnail Carousel

Fotorama has various navigation options, an alternative position for the thumbnail carousel, captions and fullscreen capabilty.

The thumbnail images are self generated and their size can be customized.

There are options for image crop if the images are not all the same size and aspect ratio.

Slideshow Thumbnail Carousel Caption

Fotorama Widget Settings

The images are chosen in the usual way and the caption for any image file is added by highlighting the image file name and entering a caption in the box.

The captions can be styled for web safe font, size, color and background opacity.

The slider background color can be changed to suit the images or the web page background.

The thumbnail size can be set and then the whole slider adjusted in width to show the required number in the carousel at any one time.

When adjusting the width, first drag the widget to a greater height than required, adjust the width and then readjust the height.

Select the required thumbnail navigation position and the desired slide transition.

Choose any combination of the additional navigation options from Arrows, Click & Swipe.

Check the boxes for Allow Fullscreen and Autoplay if required.

If the slideshow images have not been cropped to the same size and aspect ratio, choose from the image crop options. The default, and probably the best, option is "contain".

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