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Hotspot Carousel

Hot Spot Scrolling Slider alt text
Hotspot Image Carousel Alt text for SEO scroll on page load adjustable image size hot spot scrolling variable speed hot spot controls appear on hover speed up slow down hotspot image carousel

Adjustable Speed Scrolling Image Carousel

This is an unusual scrolling carousel which has a hotspot at either side.

The carousel scrolls on page load but, as soon as the visitor interacts with it, the hotspots take over.

The carousel speed can be increased/decreased by moving the indicator arrowhead right and left.

The carousel direction can be reversed by using the left hand hotspot.

Widget Settings

Select the images from the Assets List and highlight each one in turn to add alt text for SEO.

Enter the individual image width and height and then use either the drag handles or the Metrics inspector to set the overall size.

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