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Panorama Slider Swipe Caption

Stitched Up Images

This widget will display a panorama image and allow the visitor to scroll through it by holding the mouse down and dragging.

The icon gives us a clue as to what to do and disappears on mouseover.

The image can have a styled caption and the background transparency can be varied to suit the image. The caption can be dispensed with if not required.

Widget Settings

Select the panorama image and then drag the widget to the required width and height or use the Metrics inspector to do this more precisely.

Enter alt text for SEO.

If the caption is not required, change "display" to "none".

Enter the caption text into the box, select a web safe font and set the size and color.

Change the caption background opacity to suit.  

Free Software

HUGIN - Try this cross platform, open source and free software for stitching your images together to create yur own stunning panoramic view.

Panorama Widget
Panorama Widget
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