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Scrolling Carousel

Popup Caption - Hyperlinks - Stop On Hover

This is a conveyor belt style slider, uses a jQuery plugin and has popup captions which can be styled.

The carousel will stop on mouser and the image caption will appear.

Each slide can be set as a hyperlink which can open in a new window if required.

The captions can be styled with a choice of web safe fonts, color background color and text alignment.

The slides can be spaced out using a divider to separate them and the width and color of this can be varied.

Scrolling Carousel Caption Hyperlink Pause on hover

Widget Settings

The widget settings are shown above. As always, edit the images before import to the correct size and make sure the file names are logical and have no spaces or special characters in them.

Enter the individual image width and height.

Choose the images and then drag the widget to the required width or use the Metrics inspector.

Adjust the widget to suit the image height.

Select each image file in turn and enter the caption and alt text for SEO.

If the image is to be a hyperlink, enter a relative or absolute URL. See THIS page for more info.

Check the box if the linked page or file is to open in a new window.

Set the caption font family, size, color, background color and text alignment.

Set the speed of the scroller between 1 and 10. 1 is too fast and 10 is kind of slow.

Sometimes it is better to separate the slides for clarity. The divider can be varied in width between 0 and 10 and can have a choice of color.

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