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Sliding Carousel

Sliding Carousel Alt Text Hyperlinks

Images & Controls

This sliding carousel allows two or more images to be displayed at once.

Any image can be a hyperlink which can open in a new window if required.

The pager dots let the visitor jump from one set of images to another.

The back/forward arrows can be implemented and used to move the carousel one image at a time if required.

Both the arrows and the pager dots can be available and the pager dots can have numbers as show in the screenshot above.

NOTE: The minimum width of this carousel is 770px. No matter how hard you try it won't go any narrower!

Sliding Carousel Widget
Sliding Carousel Controls

Widget Settings

Select the images and drag the widget to the required width and height or use the Metrics inspector.

Highlight each file name in turn to enter alt text and a relative or absolute file path if the image is to be a hyperlink. See THIS page for more info about file paths.

Check the box if the hyperlinked page or file is to open in a new window.

Enter the number of images to be displayed at any one time.

Select from the options for controls by checking/unchecking the appropriate boxes.

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