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Image Tint

Tint On Image And/Or Hover

The tint can be applied to both the image and the hover if required. The time of the hover effect can be varied and the image can be created as a hyperlink which can open in a new window.

Tint Image On Hover
Image Tint Widget
Image Tint Widget

Image Tint

Hover Tint

Choose the image file from the Assets List, adjust the size using the drag handles or the Metrics inspector and enter alt text for SEO.

Enter a relative or absolute file path if the image is to be a hyperlink and check the box if it is to open in a new window.

See THIS page for more info about file paths.

Set the tint color.

Set the amount of opacity using the sliders. Leave either slider at the maximum setting for zero tint.

The hover transition time is set in tenths of a second.

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