EverWeb Widgetbox

Bounce & Slide

Bounce In Down

This image drifts down from the top and finishes off with a slight bounce on page load.

The settings for both this and the Slide In Up widget are the same where the image height and width are entered and the widget box adjusted to fit.

The animation speed in seconds is set and alt text entered for SEO.

Use the Arrange menu to bring the widgets to the front before publishing if necessary.

Bounce In Down Animation Image

Slide In Up

This widget slides the image in and up from the bottom with no bouncing at all.

Although this widget has the same animation speed set as its counterpart, note how it takes longer to arrive at its position due to the fact that it has further to travel.

Both widgets will show as a blank placeholder in EverWeb since the actual images are out of the viewport and can't be seen. Use the Prveiew button or publish to a local folder to check out the result.

Slide In Up Image Animation
Bounce In Slide Up WIdget
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