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Outer Zoom Image

Choose the large image from the Assets List and set the required size for the display frame.

Set a border width and color if required.

Select the zoom window position in relation to the small image.

If the zoom window is to appear above any other objects on the page, send them to the back using the Arrange menu and bring the widget to the front.

This widget requires two images - one to be displayed in the placeholder and another for the zoom. In this example the small image is 360 x 270 px and the zoom image is 1024 x 728 px.

The widget settings are shown to the right.

Choose the small image, set its width and height, adjust the widget to suit using the drag handles or the Metrics inspector and enter alt text for SEO.

Image Zoom

Inner Zoom

Zoom inside Image
Zoom Image
Inner Zoom Widget

Only one image is required but it needs to be large enough to have good quality when zoomed. The image used in the example below is 1024 x 728 px.

Set the required image frame width and the height will adjust automatically. Drag the widget box to fit the image and enter the alt text for SEO.

Enter caption text of required. Other wise set the caption display to "none".

Outer Zoom

Get The Widget
Get The Widget
Inner Zoom Widget

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Outer Zoom Widget