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Animated GIF Hyperlink

This widget will allow an animated GIF to be inserted with alt text for SEO and a hyperlink to open in a new or the same window if required.

Insert Animated GIF Hyperlink
Insert Animated GIF

The widget settings can be seen to the right.

Drag the widget onto the page, select the GIF from the Assets List and then adjust it to the required size using the drag handles or the Metrics inspector.

The GIF can have Alt Text for SEO and Title Text which appears in the tooltip on mouseover.

To create it as a hyperlink, enter a relative or absolute URL and check the box if the link is required to open in a new window.

See THIS page for info about relative and absolute URLs.

NOTE: You cannot see the animation in EverWeb. Use the Preview button or publish to a local folder to see the result.  

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Animated GIF with Hyperlink