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Fig Caption

Image Insert Using The HTML5 Figure Element

The figure element is new in HTML5. This widget makes use of it to insert an image with a caption.

The caption is contained in the <figcaption> tag inside the <figure> tag.

Why do this?

When you insert an image with a caption in a separate text box, these are seen as two separate elements with nothing to associate them with each other.

The figure tag combines then into a single unit so that they can only be moved around together.

This may not concern the human visitors much at all but it will make a lot more sense to the search engine spiders.

Image Figcaption
Fig Caption Widget
This is a fig caption aligned center
Fig Caption Widget
The caption can have a contrasting color for the background and extend to two or more lines if required.
Insert Image HTML5 Figure

As can be seen from the above examples, the caption can be styled and have a contrasting background.

The text can be aligned and run to more than one line.

Get The Widget

See THIS page for a widget which will also insert an image using <figcaption> except the caption can slide in from four directions - top, right, bottom and left.