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Image With Alt Text For SEO

Unlike the other widgets for inserting images, this one has no frills such as border, frame or caption. It inserts the image using HTML and allows the addition of Alt Text which is essential for SEO. The alt text should describe the image using keywords.

Drag the widget onto the page, use the drag handled or the Metrics inspector to set the width and enter the alt text. The image height will adjust automatically and then the snippet height can be adjusted to fit.

Insert An Image With Hyperlink

This version adds the ability to create an image as a hyperlink to open in the same or a new window.

It also has a box for Title Text. This will appear as a tooltip on mouseover and can be used to let the visitor know what will happen when they click the imagine. Leave this field blank if the tooltip is not required or desired.

In the URL box, enter the relative or absolute path to the page or file to be opened. See THIS page for an explanation about the difference between relative and absolute file paths and how to create them.

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