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Image Widgets

Thes widgets allow images to be inserted using the HTML <img> tag so that they can have alt text for SEO and various other functions. Click any widget icon for more info and a demo.

Simply insert an image with alt text for SEO.

Insert an image with alt text for SEO and create the image as a hyperlink.

Insert Image Alt Text Widget
Image Alt Text Hyperlink

Insert an image with a frame, border and rounded corners.

Insert a full size, responsive background image/

A lightbox style image which popups up from a thumbnail

A captioned lightbox style image.

Insert an image with a caption and hyperlink.

Insert an image with an overlay caption, alt text and a hyperlink.

Use the new HTML5 fig caption to insert a contrasting style image caption.

An animated image with hyperlink to get your visitors to click!

Insert an animated GIF with alt text for SEO, title text and a hyperlink to open in a new window.

Create an image hyperlink wuth styled caption which appears on hover.

New HTML5 Widgets Section

Using HTML5 elements to layout a website results in superior SEO.
The new HTML5 widgets allow the user to create styled objects which make for a cleaner web page layout with content that is easier to find and read.
Find out how HTML5 can improve your website design and search engine results.

Insert Image Hyperlink border alt text
Insert Stretch Background Image Full Size
Insert Lightbox Image Widget
Lightbox Image Caption Widget
Image Hyperlink Caption Box Shadow
Image Caption Overlay Alt Text Hyperlink
Animated Image Link
Image Figcaption
Insert Animated GIF Hyperlink
Hover Caption Image Hyperlink