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Image Insert Using HTML

HTML <img> Tag & Alt Text For SEO

This widget allows images to be inserted using the HTML <img> tag so that alt text can be added for SEO.

It also enables the use of the "title" attribute. Text entered into this will appear in a tooltip when the mouse is hovered over the image. The title field can be left blank if this is not required.

Drag an image into the Assets column of EverWeb.

Click the Widgets tab and drag the widget onto the page.

Click the "Choose" button and select the image file.

Use the Metrics inspector to set the image width and height.

Check the box next to "Constrain proportions".

Now the image can be resized by dragging with any of the grab handles and still maintain its aspect ratio.

Return to the Widgets inspector and enter the Alt text. Enter Title text if required.

The widget allows the addition of a border and a colored background with variable margin.

Select the required border width and color.

Select the background margin width, color and corner radius

Note that corner radius cannot be used unless an appropriate width of margin is set!

Insert Image Hyperlink border alt text
Insert Image Hyperlink border alt text
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