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NOTE: These widgets are for EverWeb Web Design Software V1.4 and up.

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Basic Widgets

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This is a pack of basic widgets to create the essential elements

Media Widgets

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Create dynamics on a website with some image effects and audio/video players.

Layout Widgets

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Smooth scrolling anchors and back to the top button, HTML headings and a widget to insert images with a border/frame.

The shape widgets will allow graphics to be created using CSS rather than images for far faster loading web pages.


A collection of widgets for showing off images ranging from a lightweight basic banner through swipers for mobile devices to some fancy photo galleries.

Tooltips & Links & More...

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Various tooltip and link widgets along with scrolling text, countdown, site search and an easy to use auto iframe widget.

Mobile Website

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A mobile version of a website is essential and these widgets are designed to create all the basic features with the minimum of code and avoid the use of images for basic links and buttons.

NOTE: Please read the instructions about Installing and Using the widgets!

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Image Widgets

These image effect widgets help to create dynamics in a web page and, in some cases, save space by allowing two images in the space of one.

Image Effects

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Basic Widgets Pack
Media Widgets
Page Layout Widgets
EverWeb Widgets

Insert Images with alt text for SEO, hyperlinks, tooltips and more...

More Widgets

Widgets to cram a lot of info into a small space with scrolling, accordion, expanding blocks, text wrap with zoom and lightbox movies.

Slideshow Widgets
Mobile Website Widgets
Tooltip Link Widgets
Image Insert Widgets
Image Effects Widgets
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Add frames, tint, shadow and mask to images.

More Widgets
Frame Widgets
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Text and text hyperlink widgets.

Text Effect Widgets


Image carousel style slideshow widgets.

Carousel Slideshow Widgets
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New HTML5 & Animation Widgets

Go to the HTM5 Section of this website to see the new HTML5 widgets, the animation widgets and other exciting stuff like a sticky social media icon link widget.

These widgets are digitally distributed, direct to the purchaser, using the E-Junkie service in conjunction with PayPal.

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Important Message

This website is for those who use the EverWeb web design software.
The widgets can only be used with EverWeb.
EverWeb is only available for use with Apple computers running OS X 10.7 and above.
NOTE: Use Google Chrome or Firefox to order widgets as Safari has problems with PayPal.

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