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If you need to contact EverWeb Widgetbox, fill out and send the form.

Please make sure you enter your name and a valid email address.

The message should be brief with the bare bones of your inquiry.

When you receive a reply you can expand on this if necessary.

Please don't hold your breath while waiting for a reply as I am just me on my own and I have lots of other stuff to do!

Comments and suggestions are welcome but only the polite and useful ones will receive a reply.

Use the search box on this page to find info.

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While very attempt is made to keep these widgets up to date and working correctly, both the internet and EverWeb are constantly changing. If you feel there is a problem with any widget that is not due to user error please get in touch and, if possible, attach the URL to a published page so that the code can be examined.

NOTE: From EverWeb V 1.4 onwards, some new widgets will not work with older versions of the application so it's a good idea to check that the latest version of EverWeb is being used.


A lot of info about using the widgets is included in the pages of this site. If you have problems with any widget, please use the search box to look for an answer before asking for help.

Website code requires 100% accuracy. Check and recheck file names and file paths. Mistakes in these are the most common problem when troubleshooting website content.


Suggestions for a new widget are welcome but they need to be practical, not too specialised and have a wide appeal before it is worth the time and effort to research and develop them.

Using Code

If there is no widget for creating a feature or project, consider using EverWeb's powerful and easy to use code injection.

The EverWeb Codebox website has numerous examples of various projects with easy to follow instructions.

Help & Support Options

First of all, please note that I do NOT work for the developers of EverWeb!

If you have general questions about using EverWeb they are better to be asked in the User Forum so that others may benefit from the answers.

For problems with publishing to the EverWeb server, and other related issues, contact the developers Support department.

To get more info about using EverWeb, check out the Video Tutorials and the Knowledgebase.

See the EverWeb Addons recommended by the developers.