EverWeb Widgetbox

Installing & Using Widgets

Download & Install

After purchasing your widgets, they can be downloaded via the link provided. The contents of a widget pack download folder looks like this...

The widgets can be installed with the EverWeb application open but the main window should be closed.

Double click any widget icon and the window shown above right will appear.

Click OK and install all the other widgets.

Now open a website from the Projects window and click the Widgets tab to view and use them.

Uninstalling Widgets

Third party widgets are installed in the user library...

~ library/Application Support/EverWeb/Widgets

Hold down the option key while in the Finder Go menu to reveal the user library folder.

To get rid of unwanted widgets that you have installed, browse to the Widgets folder and drag them out onto the desktop.

To delete any unwanted widgets that are installed in the application by default, open the Applications folder, select the EverWeb icon, control (right) click and select "Show Package Contents". Then follow the path...

Contents --> Resources --> Widgets

Rather than trash them, keep the widgets in a folder in the Home folder in case you need them again at some point.

Using The Widgets

Most of the widgets are straightforward and the instructions in the Widgets inspector are quite clear. Most of the problems with them occur because the user doesn't take the time to read the instructions and understand what the widget does and how it works.

Before attempting to use a widget, please refer to the appropriate page of this site for additional info..

Use the Contact form if you need help or instructions.

NOTE: Some of these widgets create quite a bit of fairly complicated code behind the scenes. Not all widgets will be compatible with each other when used on the same page.

If a problem occurs with a widget, try it out on its own on a test page to see if it is the widget itself that is causing the problem or another item on the page that is interacting with it adversly.

In general, never attempt to place more than one slider on a page and don't use them along side widgets such as the accordion, tabs and media players.

Download Widgets
Install EverWeb Widgets