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PayPal European - Free Widget

PayPal For European Languages

This is a European version of the default EverWeb PayPal widget.

There is an extra selector for choosing the country of origin so that the PayPal window will open in that language.

Click the "Add To Cart"button to see it in action.

You can either purchase the widget for 500 euros via this button or download it for free by clicking the widget icon at the top left.

Install the widget in the usual way by double clicking it with the EverWeb application window closed.

PayPal European Currency WIdgte
PayPal Europe Widget
PayPal International Currency Widget
PayPal International Widget

PayPal For Any Language

This version of the widget will suit any language covered by PayPal.

The country code is typed into the "Country Code" box.

Go to THIS page to get the PayPal country codes.

Click the widget icon to download and install it.