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Page Layout Widgets

These widgets make it easy to insert basic items required for in almost every page layout. Click any icon for more info and how to use the widget.

Non Web Safe HTML Heading Widget
Google Font HTML Heading Widget
Styled Column Widget
Horizontal Line WIdget
Vertical Line Widget
HTML SHape Widget
Rectangle Square Shadow Shape Widget
Circle Oval Shape Shadow Widget
CSS Button Widget
Smooth Scroll Anchor Widget
Smooth Scroll Anchor Link Widget
Smooth Scrolling Back To The Top Button Widget

Create the essential HTML H using any font with a web safe fallback and a generic group.

A widget that allows the use of Google hosted fonts for HTML headings.

Styled columns with a contrasting header.

Horizontal solid, dashed, double or dotted lines using CSS rather than an image.

Vertical solid, dashed, double or dotted lines using CSS rather than an image.

Lots of shapes using HTML rather than an image.

Rectangle and square using HTML and CSS.

Circles and ovals.

CSS rectangle or square with a box shadow.

CSS circle or oval with a box shadow.

Stylish buttons without using images.

Smooth scrolling anchor.

Smooth scrolling anchor target.

Smooth scrolling "Back To The Top" button.

New HTML5 Widgets Section

Using HTML5 elements to layout a website results in superior SEO.
The new HTML5 widgets allow the user to create styled objects which make for a cleaner web page layout with content that is easier to find and read.
Find out how HTML5 can improve your website design and search engine results.

Rectangle Square Shape Widget
Circle Oval Shape Widget