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Smooth Scroll To Top Page Widget

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Smooth scroll to the top of the page adds a professional touch to a website and makes it easy for the visitor to return to the navigation menu.

A "Back to the Top" button is just a hyperlink which has the hash sign (#) in place of the URL. It can be a text or image link and is quick and simple to create.

These links are a necessary convenience on longer web pages and an absolute essential on mobile sites.

This button adds some javascript to create the smooth action which is far superior to the jerky jump of the standard variety.

It uses a small, standalone script which doesn't depend on the mighty jQuery so it can be safely added to every page of a site.

Drag the widget onto the page and enter the button text.

Set the color for the button background and radius the button corners if required.

Choose the font family, size, text color and mouseover color.

Drag the button to the bottom of the page and Command drag it into the footer if that's where it has to go.

Follow the elevator to the bottom of the page and try out the button to see the smooth scroll action...  

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