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Rectangle & Circle With Box Shadow

Rectangle With Box Shadow

This widget is similar to the one on the previous page except that it adds an all around box shadow to the shape rather than a border.

The rectangle can have a solid color or a horizontal/vertical gradient. The example below has horizontal one.

Once the desired width to height ratio has been set the overall size can be quickly adjust by holding down the shift key while dragging.

The rectangle can have radiused corners and the box shadow can be adjusted for blur radius, spread radius and color.

The example has an image with box shadow dropped over a rounded rectangle with shadow. The image was created using the Image Shadow Widget.

rectangle square shadow widget
rectangle square shadow widget
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Circle or Oval With Box Shadow

The circle can be an oval also by using unequal width/height. The settings are the same as the rectangle widget except for the lack of corner radius control.

Circle Oval Shape Shadow Widget
circle oval shape box shadow

Overlay a text box, image, slideshow or movie.

oval shadow image

The overlay image - above right - is created using the Shadow Widget

alt text
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