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COmpact Audio MP3 Player
Audio Mini Player

Mini Music Player

This a widget to create a compact audio player.

The player preload has been set to "none" so that the audio file doesn't download with the rest of the web page content. This is very important if you have more than one player on any page.

The player uses a custom stylesheet and a sprite for the play/stop button to increase efficiency.

Do NOT use this widget on the same page as any other audio or video players.

Compact Audio MP3 Player

The player uses the same mediaelement javascript file as the EverWeb default one but is much more compact. The progress bar and the elapsed/run time have been removed.

The stop/start button, the volume slider and the player body have been redesigned.


Before you drag any MP3 audio files into the Assets section of EverWeb, check the file names and remove any spaces and/or special characters. Replace spaces with a hyphen to make the track titles easier to identify.

Open the Widgets tab in EverWeb and drag the widget onto the page.

Click the "Choose" button and select an MP3 file.

To change the player background color, click the color chooser button - shown to the right - and select from the color window.

The default player body corner radius is 5px. Drag the "Radius" slider to the right to increase this or drag it far left for sharpcorners.

It's important to realise that you can't use different audio player widgets on any one page but, with this widget, you can mix and match colors.

NOTE: Flash fallback will not work locally on your Mac. The files need to be uploaded to the server due to the flash plugin security settings.

The visitor needs to have the flash plugin installed in their browser for the flash player to work! This may seem obvious but it is increasingly common for the flash plugin to be removed or disabled to conserve power.

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