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Audio MP3 Player

Basic Player with Custom Options

This is a modified version of the default EverWeb Audio player to satisfy the needs of those who require more options such as autoplay, loop player size and time display.  

It is not good practice to autoplay audio as this slows the page download time. For superior page performance, preload should be set to none so that the audio files don't load until the visitor wants to play them.

Different audio player types should not be used on the same page.

The widget settings are shown to the right.

Choose the audio MP3 file from the Assets List and check the boxes for AutoPlay, Loop and Preload if required.

Choose whether to display elapsed time and/or track time.

Adjsut the player width to suit the time display. Use the shortest length if no time display is required.

The player initial volume can be set to any value between 1 and 9 with 9 being the loudest. 5 is a good compromise if the audio track has been recorded to professional standard.

The three variations of time display and player width are shown below...

Audio MP3 WIdget Autoplay Loop
MP3 Audio Player Widget
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