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Audio MP3 Playlist Player

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Audio MP3 Playlist Player

The Sound Boss is an HTML5 audio playlist player. It can accomodate an unlimited number of tracks and several players can be placed on a page and have different styles if required.

As can be seen from the demo, each track has a bar which, when clicked or tapped, plays the audio file. The track title and artist name can be entered for each one and the player width is variable to accomodate this.

When left to its own devices, the player will progress through all the tracks and a click or tap on the active block will pause it.

The text can be styled and can have a different mouseover/playing color.

A musical note denotes the playing track.

The background color can have a gradient or be set to a solid color with a contrasting separator which can be styled as solid, dotted or dashed.

A screeenshot of the widget inspector is shown to the right...

Widget Settings

Music MP3 Playlist Player

Choose the MP3 files from the Assets list.

Highlight each file name in turn and enter the track title, artist name or whatever.

Select the player block background colors. If a solid color is required instead of a gradient, set Backgrouns A & B to the same color.

Select a contrasting separator color if required and choose the style type from solid, dotted or dashed.

Select the info text font family, size, color, style and weight.

Choose a color for the active track title text and the rollover color.

As with the other audio/video players, don't use different player types on any one page.

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