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Button with Autoplay Option

This is a cut down version of the default MP3 Audio Widget to fill the need for a player with just a pause/play button so that several can be placed on a page with room for a text box with song title/artist name in a compact arrangement.

The autoplay function has been added due to a demand for this feature from some EverWeb users.

The button allows visitors to turn the music off if they find it distracting.

MP3 Autoplay Widget
Autoplay MP3

Like the other custom audio player widgets, several players will act together like a playlist since starting a player will pause the one that is playing. As with the other audio widgets, don't use different player types on the same page.

Song Title & Artist/Band Name

Midnight Train by Roddy McKay

Autoplay Loop MP4 Video

MP4 Player - Autoplay & Loop

This widget will autoplay and/or loop an MP4 with flash fallback.

NOTE: Videos using autoplay should have a small file size so that they don't slow the page download time too much.

MP4 Autoplay Loop Video Widget
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