EverWeb Widgetbox


An EverWeb Widget to Create a Full Screen Background Movie

Big Video Widget

Drag the widget onto the page and you will see a 50px square. Place it anywhere on the page out of the way.

Select the MP4 video file and check the box to mute the sound track if required.

Note that the video uses flash fallback for Firefox and old versions of Internet Explorer. The video will not play locally on your Mac in Firefox due to the flash security settings.

In this example, the page background is set to "none" so that more of the actual video can be viewed.

This text is created using the Transparency Widget to give the effect of the content floating over the background.

Paste this code into an HTML Snippet to create a back button...

<div style="width:28px;height:28px;background:rgba(0,0,0,0.3);padding:7px;border-radius:7px;margin:0">

<a href="page-name.html"><div style="width: 0;height: 0;border-top: 13px solid transparent;border-bottom: 13px solid transparent;border-right:24px solid #0593FF"></div></a>


Change the transparency by altering the number marked in magenta. The range is 1 to 9 where lower is more transparent.

Enter the path to the parent page - marked in red.

Change the Hex Color Number -  marked in blue - to the required value.

Back Button